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HGV News

11th November 2015

Here is a round up of some of the latest HGV news. Driver shortages In its edition of the 25th of October 2015, The Guardian newspaper reported the continuing efforts of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) to stimulate recruitment to fill the estimated 50,000 shortage of qualified lorry drivers. For the second year running, the… Read More

HGV driving test waiting times

29th October 2015

The haulage industry in the UK seems rife with contradictions. If some of the more recent media reports are anything to go by, the latest example of this is an increase in the time you need to wait before taking an HGV driving test and the much vaunted national shortage of qualified drivers. Let’s look… Read More

“Quick to market” priority

29th August 2015

In the wake of the ongoing crisis of serious congestion on approach routes to the Channel port of Dover, a special scheme giving priority to “quick to market” cargoes has been given to haulage operators needing to drive through Kent. Any haulage operator is likely to know that some cargoes are perishable or that timely… Read More

HGV News – Dover and Calais chaos

11th August 2015

If there is one news story to exercise the collective minds of Britain’s haulage operators, it is the situation at the Channel ports of Dover and Calais. As if the human misery, suffering and sheer desperation of illegal migrants was not bad enough, Britain’s haulage companies and drivers appear to be sharing the disproportionate brunt… Read More

Manifestos from haulage industry pressure groups

24th July 2015

There is nothing like a snap, emergency budget from the Chancellor of the Exchequer to focus minds and encourage the sharpening of pencils by lobbyists. From the moment George Osborne announced his intention of delivering just such a budget on the 8th of July 2015, pressure on the government from the leading representatives of the… Read More

HGV news snippets

10th July 2015

If you are in the haulage business it pays to stay abreast of HGV news, so here are a few snippets from recent press and trade reports. Catch it on camera Barely a day goes by without some news item about attempts by illegal immigrants to make the crossing from France to England via the… Read More

In the news – what’s new for hauliers

16th March 2015

From online shopping trends, export opportunities and successes in industry representatives’ lobbying of government, there are some interesting titbits of news for anyone in the haulage industry. Online cross-border shopping UK Haulier recently reported the results of market research showing that the UK is the third biggest exporter of online purchases – coming in third… Read More

What about those Christmas presents!

17th October 2014

This month the Sky News channel reported that Christmas deliveries are under serious threat of being made because of a shortage of HGV drivers. The report drew on warnings from the Freight Transport Association, which has warned that there are simply not enough drivers prepared to invest the amount it currently costs to obtain an… Read More

Road network: growth and speed

19th September 2014

It might not be often that road haulage operators turn to the government with thanks, but two developments during the summer of 2014 are likely to prove more than welcome by the industry as a whole. Growth of the road network England is a small country on a small island. News that an additional 900… Read More

The growing use of vehicle telematics?

15th August 2014

When it comes to the use of electronic technology in heavy goods vehicles, things have certainly moved on from the simple tachograph to record drivers’ working hours, to the installation of geographical positioning systems (GPS) to keep track of the vehicle and its trailer, and a host of even more complicated and sophisticated technology. This… Read More

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