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Eddie Johnson
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Goods In Transit Insurance

If ever there was an insurance product that you should be leaving in the hands of specialists then goods in transit is it

As a general  rule if you use your heavy goods vehicle to transport goods either belonging to you or your customers then you will need to arrange goods in transit insurance.

Some of the specific areas we can provide goods in transit insurance cover are:

The goods in transit insurance policy will provide cover for loss or damage to the goods being carried within your vehicle. It is important to be sure that the policy you arrange meets your individual requirements as the cover offered by the numerous policies on the market vary considerably.

As an example some policies will restrict the amount they will pay for “thief attractive goods” which you may carry such as computers, mobile phones or camera equipment, or some policies exclude cover if you are carrying goods as part of a house removal.

As with all insurance policies goods in transit cover can be extended in a number of ways, such as covering refrigerated or temperature controlled goods. Some policies may even contain restrictions on the countries which your vehicle can operate in or may require you to have agreed levels of security systems fitted to the vehicle for cover to operate.

It is not uncommon for a number of insurers to insist that the vehicle is not left unattended when carrying certain goods such as wines and spirits.

As you can appreciate arranging this type of policy is a job best left to specialists, and fortunately here at Isis Insurance we have many years experience in arranging this type of policy. We have strong relationships with many of the UK’s leading goods in transit insurance providers and we can ensure that you have the right level of cover to suit your individual needs.

We will take the time to understand how your business operates, something that call centres simply do not have the time or knowledge to be able to do, and then we will arrange goods in transit insurance that protects you when the unexpected happens.

Please explore the site to find out more about how we can take all the stress out of your insurance needs. In fact, if you’re keen to find out more about getting the right HGV insurance in place, we would be delighted to send you a free copy of our new guide, “An introduction to HGV insurance for business owners”, packed with expert advice on everything from selecting the right broker to training and checking your drivers.

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