Here are just a few of the things our clients have said about us recently.

“I have always had my 7 vehicles insured under separate policies. During the year Isis have helped me to move them onto a single policy and at this year’s renewal I was able to get quotes on a fleet policy.

Isis gave me a really competitive quote and I made a really good saving on my insurance cost.

I can always speak to the same person when I call through which really helps me sort out my insurance without getting passed around. I am really pleased with the service.”

Luke S******w, Managing Director at S******w Contracts Ltd 08/09/2013


I contacted Isis Insurance when I was looking to arrange insurance cover for my new haulage company.

They took the time to understand how my business worked and the cover that I would need and then they arranged policies to cover my vehicle, goods in transit and liability.

The whole process was really simple and they got me a really good insurance deal. They were really quick getting back to me and were one of the few brokers to even bother to ring me back!

James B******l Xxxx Transport Limited 4/9/2013


I have dealt with Isis insurance for the last 6 years and I have found their rates to be really competitive.

I can always get through to the people I need to speak to and I’m really happy with the service I get. Would certainly recommend them to hauliers like me.

Gary D, Owner Operator 26/08/2013

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