HGV insurance expert publishes series of articles to educate business owners about how to insure their heavy vehicles

Eddie Johnson of Isis Insurance, a renowned expert in HGV insurance, has published a series of articles setting out the key things business owners need to know when insuring their heavy vehicles. He as decided to make them available online for free in order to make this information as accessible as possible.

As Eddie explains…

“Far too many businesses that operate heavy vehicles aren’t given sufficient guidance and support when it comes to their insurance. As a result of this, they assume that they are properly covered, when in fact their insurance policy is either incomplete or inappropriate for their particular needs. A bespoke approach to insurance is therefore required for businesses of this nature, but conventional insurance brokers are unable to provide this the majority of the time.

“That’s why I’ve written a series of articles where I explain all the different areas that need to be considered when creating an HGV insurance policy. My goal here was to make sure that businesses all over the UK are better informed about the nature of HGV insurance in order to avoid any nasty surprises when they next need to make a claim.

“Anyone who’d like to start exploring the articles can find them at www.isisinsurance.co.uk.”


For more information and to arrange interviews, contact [email protected].