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Our dedicated Truck Fleet Insurance Team can help you find the right cover for all of your organisation’s HGVs, trucks, vans and other vehicles in a single, easy to manage policy.


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We want to remove the stress of buying your truck fleet insurance policy. For Feefo 5 star service, as rated by our clients, pick up the phone now. You could be on cover within 20 minutes.

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Who needs truck fleet insurance?

If your business operates more than a handful of trucks, HGVs, vans or other working vehicles, making sure they are all insured individually can be a huge hassle. Making sure each of your drivers are insured to drive each of your vehicles could be even worse. Most business insurance policies don’t extend to your fleet, and insuring your vehicles individually has substantial drawbacks. At best it can be inefficient and time consuming, and at worst it could leave your business unprotected in many ways.

That being said, remember that fleet insurance policies come in all shapes and sizes. Those with the most convenience, especially those which allow any of your qualified drivers to be insured on any of your vehicles take extra effort to arrange. However, they are extremely convenient and wide-ranging, so you may find that the reduced administration costs associated with a broader policy are well worth the time and effort.

What kinds of vehicle can be included under a truck fleet insurance policy?

That depends on the insurer. A few are specialists, insuring only vans or other specific vehicle types. Most insurance providers are more flexible, and allow many commercially used vehicle types to be included under a policy.

‘Most’ in this context means that many exclude vehicles like motorcycles, tractors, fork lifts and other decidedly ‘non-truck’ types. Others can accommodate just about anything with wheels.

This flexibility usually extends to mixed fleets. If you have, say, a handful of HGVs as well as a dozen delivery vans, they can usually be insured as a single fleet.

What levels of fleet truck insurance exist?

Just like with your personal car, there are three basic levels commonly available.

Third Party Only is the lowest level usually available. It typically covers only liability for injuries caused to ‘third parties’ and damage to third party property as a result of you or one of your drivers using a company vehicle and/or towing a caravan or trailer for work purposes.

Third Party Fire and Theft will also reimburse you for damage caused to your property by fire, and loss or damage as a result of theft or attempted theft.

Comprehensive Fleet Cover is the most common type. This includes all of the protections of TPO and TPFT, but also protects your business from loss through damage to the vehicles themselves (often including windscreens and glass).

ISIS can help you to determine what you need your truck fleet insurance to achieve, and steer you towards a policy which does just that.

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Key points to remember when looking to buy truck fleet insurance

  • Fleet truck insurance can cover all of the commercial vehicles your organisation owns or operates, all with a single policy and a single premium.
  • The larger your fleet is, the more time, effort and money could be saved by choosing the right fleet cover.
  • Fleet truck insurance policies offer more flexibility and convenience than conventional single vehicle policies.

If you’d like to discuss fleet truck insurance options with an ISIS expert, we’d love to hear from you today.


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