New Start Operators – All You Need To Know About HGV Insurance

As we have seen in the last 18 months, HGVs are an essential and integral part of many businesses.  The transportation of goods has become a critical part of the successful running of the country, and it is therefore important that HGV operators ensure that they have appropriate insurance policies in place to cover their operations.

According to the Campaign for Better Transport, HGVs can account for over 50% of fatal accidents that occur on motorways.  This statistic is not only worrying, it also shows how dangerous HGV driving can be.  Driving HGVs requires skill and concentration, they can be difficult to control and can result in death and injury if not managed correctly.

For fleet operators, it is imperative that suitable and appropriate HGV insurance is in place for the business.  As operators, you need to have total confidence in the insurance policy should the unexpected occur.

What Is HGV Insurance?

HGV insurance, also known as truck insurance, is an insurance policy that covers businesses and individuals that use HGVs and trucks.  The insurance policy will include various categories of insurance cover. 

A full fleet insurance policy will not only cover your HGVs but also enable your business to cover other vehicles within the business including director’s cars service vans and even fork lift trucks.

Types of HGV Insurance

If you are a business that has a fleet of HGVs, then you should always consider comprehensive fleet insurance policy.  The type of insurance you need depends entirely on your business, and you will therefore be required to undertake an accurate assessment of your business and its needs. 

Operators need to ensure that their liability to other road users are properly covered, as well as your vehicles and your goods.

There are three main types of cover that is available:

  • Comprehensive

As the name suggests, comprehensive policies offer great all round coverage.  They will cover damage to your own HGV, and damage to others.  A good comprehensive policy will also cover you for fire damage and theft, offering you an extensive level of insurance cover.

  • Third Party Only

Third party only insurance policy offer the minimum level of insurance cover.  They only cover other people, property and vehicles where an accident takes place that was your fault.

  • Third Party Fire and Theft

This type of insurance policy will offer you the same coverage as third party only policies, but will also enable you to claim for damage or replacement of  your vehicle in the event that it is stolen or suffers fire damage.

Fleet Insurance vs Named Driver Insurance

When it comes to HGV insurance, before taking out any policy you need to assess and evaluate the needs of your business.  Things to take into consideration before you take out a HGV insurance policy include the following:

  • The number of vehicles in your fleet
  • The type and size of the vehicle
  • The geographical distance you cover
  • The types of goods you transport

If you are an operator with more than four vehicles then fleet insurance may be a better and cheaper insurance option for you.  Fleet insurance will cover all the vehicles and will save you from dealing with paperwork for each vehicle separately. 

Operator’s Licences for HGVs

Obtaining an HGV licence ensures that the HGVs within your business operate in a safe and proper manner, ensuring that goods are transported safely and in accordance with national guidelines.

Legally, all vehicles that weigh over 3.5 tonnes in weight and are used to transport goods as part of a business or trade will require a goods operator’s licence.

What Is an HGV For Insurance Purposes

In the world of HGV insurance, HGV policies vary as there is no standard classification as what is deemed to be a HGV. It is therefore crucial that you obtain the best policy for your needs.  For example, those with fleets containing smaller trucks may have a different set of insurance options than those with fleets containing very large trucks.

As there is no standard HGV classification, specialist brokers like Isis offer bespoke insurance policies for HGVs that meet your exact requirements.

Hazardous Goods Insurance

For any operators who transport hazardous goods, you will find that many insurance providers exclude hazardous goods from the policy itself.  You should always ensure that when you obtain your policy you let the insurer know you need hazardous goods insurance.  Once you have your policy read it carefully to ensure that you have the cover you need.

Other Insurance Coverage

In addition to the standard cover you require, there are some additional coverage options you can ask for when taking out a HGV insurance policy.  These can include both employers and Public Liability, legal cover, commercial property cover, income protection, sickness cover, and personal accident cover.  

HGV Insurance – How To Save Costs

HGV insurance costs will vary depending on the size of your fleet and your insurance history.  The geographical radius within which you operate will also have an effect on your insurance costs and premiums.

There are some steps you can take as an operator to keep your insurance costs down and these include the following:

  • Make sure your drivers are all fully trained and up to date with the training requirements
  • Providing safe spaces for vehicles to be parked overnight
  • Making sure all safety standards are reinforced and maintained
  • Install cameras, black boxes, and tracking devices in the vehicles
  • Ensure all the HGVs have security devices fitted

At Isis Insurance, we offer you comprehensive policies that meet your specific needs, ensuring you get a hassle-free and professional service.

HGV Insurance

Heavy goods vehicles need comprehensive insurance to ensure the vehicle is protected alongside the driver and the goods carried by the vehicle. Depending on the business you work for, you may need a non-standard and bespoke insurance policy.

ISIS Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance options and quotes that cover everything a HGV might need when it comes to insurance, from skip lorries to refrigerated vehicles.