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Does your skip lorry insurance really do everything it needs to?

Whether you own and operate a single skip lorry or operate a number of skip lorries, you know the degree of responsibility you bear for the safe operation of your vehicles. Some insurance companies consider skip lorries to be relatively ‘high risk’ vehicles, which makes getting skip lorry insurance for them an expensive proposition. Others may specialise in offering ‘cheap’ skip lorry insurance, but this may leave you unprotected in the event of an accident.

At ISIS, we’re here to make getting the right cover for you easier. An established, independent broker with a specialism in commercial lorries, we take the time to understand your precise needs. We can offer tailored policies from a range of leading insurers, as well as having access to schemes for lorries that you won’t find on the high street. Get in touch today!

Important things to remember about skip lorry insurance

  • Even ‘comprehensive’ cover does not include some important protections like when your vehicle is being used as a tool of trade. Check the details carefully.
  • If you operate a fleet of skip lorries, it might be quite a bit less expensive to seek fleet insurance rather than insuring each vehicle separately.

Additional covers to consider when buying skip lorry insurance

It is unlikely that a single comprehensive policy will cover everything that you may need – other policies to consider would be:

Breakdown insurance

Every vehicle can experience a breakdown. This cover can help to keep your vehicles moving.

Public liability insurance

If an accident occurs, causing injury or loss to a member of the public, this kind of cover will offer help to protect your business.

ISIS can make choosing between your different skip lorry insurance options simpler. Call us today to discuss exactly what you need, and how to get it for a reasonable price.


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What kind of skip lorry insurance do I need?

More than ‘the legal minimum’, certainly. Over and above third party liability, you may want comprehensive cover for the vehicle itself, and you may need public liability. If you have staff, you will also need employers liability in place.

If, say, your chains broke whilst retrieving a skip from a customer’s property and vehicles on the street were damaged, how would your insurance respond?

If you haven’t researched properly, though, you might be paying a lot more than you need to, to get that same level of cover. That’s where ISIS comes in. We have an extensive knowledge of the commercial vehicle insurance industry in general, and of skip lorry insurance in particular. We can help you determine the level of insurance you require, and help you find it at a reasonable price.


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