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What do I need to know about classic lorry insurance?

Whether you describe them as ‘classic’, ‘vintage’ or ‘veteran lorry, keeping an older commercial vehicle on the road is a labour of love. However because of their unique nature, making sure that you have the right insurance is essential to protect your investment.

Classic van, classic lorry and classic truck insurance are all very similar products, but there are a number of key differences to the cover that each insurer provides, which will depend on the type of vehicle you own.

A key thing to remember is that insurance for a classic lorry does not just cover your vehicle while it is on the road, it also provides protection whilst any renovation work is being carried out. So you may want to arrange insurance to protect your vehicle and your investment in it before it is road ready.

ISIS would love to get to know more about you and your classic lorry. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you find the classic truck insurance you need.

What does classic lorry insurance cover?

As you would expect there are many different levels of insurance cover for classic lorries but most owners opt for comprehensive cover.

This will provide protection for the classic lorry but will usually include such essentials as windscreen and glass cover – a necessity when dealing with older vehicles where replacements are rare and hard to obtain.

Cover can also be arranged on an agreed value basis, where you agree to vehicles value when you take out the insurance cover, which prevents any disputes arising should the worst happen and the vehicle is damaged and unrepairable.

Ensuring the policy provides cover for use on classic lorry road runs and shows is also essential. So taking time to ensure the insurance you need is arranged to cover your individual requirements is well worth the effort.


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Things to consider when looking for classic lorry insurance

  • Is your lorry a modern classic or older vehicle?
  • How many miles will your lorry travel each year?
  • Do you tow a trailer or caravan?
  • Do you want to arrange agreed value insurance?
  • If you have a number of classic vehicles, would it make life easier to arrange them all one one single policy?
  • If you are restoring your classic, would it make sense to arrange insurance to provide cover against something happening during the restoration, but before it is ready for the road?


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