HGV insurance expert encourages business owners to consider carefully before transporting hazardous materials

Eddie Johnson of Isis Insurance, a renowned expert in HGV insurance, suggests that businesses that transport hazardous materials investigate whether avoiding such jobs could actually save them money on their insurance premium. In order to explain why, he is making his new guide available online for free.

As Eddie explains…

“The question of whether or not to take on jobs that involve the transportation of hazardous materials is a serious consideration for businesses that work in haulage, or similar fields. I meet many business owners who are happy to pay extra in order to get the right insurance in place for such jobs. However, unless they are undertaking such jobs on a regular basis, it’s quite possible that eliminating this from their insurance policy would actually save them more money than they’d earn from the actual work!

“This is just one of the topics I cover in my new guide, “An introduction to HGV insurance for business owners”, which I have decided to make available online for free. I hope that by making this information accessible in this way, more businesses around the UK will be able to make a more informed decision about whether it would be worth their while to transport hazardous materials.

“Anyone who’d like a copy just has to visit www.isisinsurance.co.uk spend a few seconds filling in their details.”


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