Why motor fleet insurance is different to conventional motor insurance

Be aware that motor fleet insurance is not the same as conventional motor insurance and the same rules will not necessarily apply. For example, motor insurance will usually allow you to drive another vehicle during an emergency, but motor fleet insurance won’t allow you to do this. As such, if you or one of your drivers does need to drive a different vehicle, you will need to let your insurer know. This is because different HGVs require specialist skills to operate, so moving from vehicle to vehicle is not quite as simple as just getting used to the feel of a new driver’s seat.

If necessary, we will be happy to advise you on this, provided you let us know upfront who will be driving which vehicles and when. Similarly, if you are going to be transporting tools in your heavy goods vehicles, they will not usually be covered as part of your policy, although this can be arranged if necessary. Be sure to ask about this early on and it shouldn’t usually be a problem to incorporate it into your policy.

As your business grows, your motor fleet insurance will need to evolve if you are to stay fully covered. You may reach a point where you expand your fleet and take on more vehicles. You may expand into new areas and start transporting different sorts of cargo. You may need to take on more employees. The list goes on, but the best motor fleet insurance is scalable for precisely this reason. At Isis, for instance, our policies are deliberately created in such a way that new elements can easily be slotted into your existing policy, so although there’ll be an additional premium involved, there’s no need to start from the beginning every time your requirements change.

It’s a very practical, straightforward process that ensures you can concentrate on running your business rather than worrying about whether you have the right insurance in place.

To find out more about the unique aspects of motor fleet insurance, just visit www.isisinsurance.co.uk, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “An introduction to HGV insurance for business owners”, packed with the kind of advice I usually reserve for paying clients.