What to ask your broker about lorry haulage insurance

PO14 HJN 01 HINOWhat to ask your broker about lorry haulage insurance

Insuring your lorry is unlikely to prove unduly difficult but there are nevertheless a number of considerations that make it different to the more straight forward process of insuring your private motor car.

So that you succeed in getting the lorry haulage insurance you require, the following is a list of some of the questions you might want to ask your broker.

Given the length of the list, you might consider it more valuable to consult a specialist broker in HGV insurance – an area of insurance which we at Isis Insurance take pride in specialising:

Class of insurance

  • your broker is likely to need to know about the principal use for which you intend to use your lorry and, in particular whether you are going to operate as:
  • a haulier – transporting other people’s goods for hire or reward, in which case you are likely to need haulage insurance; or
  • transporting your own goods (including any equipment or materials you may own) – in which case you are likely to need carriage of goods insurance;

European cover

  • you might be tempted to think that any insurance cover is likely to cover your lorry for work throughout the UK;
  • this may or may not be so, therefore you may want to ask your broker to confirm such cover;

Breakdown cover

  • keeping the goods you are transporting on the move may be especially important to your business and late delivery may incur penalties;
  • if you have a breakdown therefore you may want to know that your insurance includes the appropriate roadside assistance or recovery;
  • for similar reasons, you may also want to know whether a courtesy replacement vehicle is likely to be made available to you following a breakdown or an accident requiring repairs;

Windscreen cover

  • a broken windscreen may incapacitate your vehicle every bit as much as a mechanical breakdown;
  • you may want to ask whether windscreen cover is included in your insurance and whether this provides for roadside emergency replacement;

Theft and criminal damage

  • you may also want to ask about any insurance conditions on claims following the theft of your lorry or acts of vandalism against it;
  • this might include questions about the insurer’s policies with respect to settlements of claims in the event of an insurance write-off;
  • with respect to any kind of criminal acts to which your lorry is subject you might also want to make use of the crime reporting tool and report form published by the Road Haulage Association (RHA) providing you with the means of reporting any incident directly to the police;

Goods in transit cover

  • this may be another area where a certain amount of indecision or confusion may cloud the waters;
  • insurance of goods in transit is commonly a contractual matter between you as the haulier and the customer owning the goods which you are carrying;
  • so that you are absolutely clear to what extent any goods in transit may be covered by your own HGV insurance, it may again be sensible to consult a specialist provider of this kind of cover;

Equipment cover

  • you might need to use various types of – generally expensive – ties, ropes and tarpaulins to secure the loads on your lorry;
  • to put your mind at ease, you may want to ask whether loss or damage to these essential pieces of equipment is included as a standard feature of your insurance;

Public liability cover

  • lorries may be dangerous machines, and not only when they are on the move, but also when being loaded and unloaded;
  • it might be important to know, therefore, that you are adequately indemnified against public liability claims;

Employers’ liability cover

  • if you employ other people to help run your haulage business (whether as drivers or support staff) the law requires that in all but a very few exceptions you need employers’ liability insurance of at least £5 million;
  • you might want to ask whether this cover is included in your haulage insurance or whether it needs to be arranged separately.

It may be apparent, therefore, that there is potentially a rather long list of questions you might want to ask an experienced, specialist haulage insurance broker before you buy your cover

If you have any questions relating to your existing or new HGV insurance, please do get in touch – we will be more than happy to help.