Why brand your HGV drivers’ shirts?

If you run an HGV company and have many drivers, you may want to consider providing them with branded shirts. But what are the potential benefits of doing this, and is it worth the hassle? Some reasons why it may turn out to be a good idea include:

  • branded shirts can give your drivers, and therefore your company, a more professional image. If you have employees wearing whatever they want on the road, the danger is that they may wear unsuitable clothing that does not reflect a professional image. By ensuring they are wearing a shirt you have given them, you know that they are presenting a professional company image wherever they go;
  • branding is very important for any company, and the same is true of your HGV company. You should think of your drivers as a way to generate free branding. By dressing them with branded shirts, they will be promoting your company far and wide as they drive around the UK or even further afield. It is a form of free marketing;
  • ensuring proper driver safety and making sure your assets are protected by HGV insurance are important considerations when running a business, but so too is making sure your employees are happy and working in comfort. By ordering comfortable branded shirts, as well as other items of clothing like hats and gloves in the winter, you can ensure that they work in greater comfort, increasing their job satisfaction;
  • wearing a uniform can help to foster a greater sense of belonging among your employees. This is true of any company, but it is especially important for HGV drivers because they may be off driving most days without spending much time in the company of other employees. A simple shirt can help them to feel like they belong, leading to a greater sense of team spirit and more loyalty towards the company;
  • a branded shirt can also help your drivers to enjoy a greater sense of pride in their work. If they dress smart, they may feel more professional, and this could even help them to be more efficient when working. They may also enjoy tax rebates too if they have to clean or repair / replace the short themselves;
  • as well as the benefits to your drivers, branded shirts can also provide greater confidence to your customers. If your employees make deliveries, for example, the fact that they are wearing an easily recognisable uniform can make customers feel more comfortable dealing with them.

There are many reasons why getting your drivers to wear branded shirts can be a good idea. If any of the above reasons sound attractive to you, look into the possibility of ordering some shirts and start taking advantage of the benefits today.