Can you get an online quote for HGV Insurance?

CN06 DXH 01 DAFCan you get an online quote for HGV Insurance?

In this day and age, there are very few goods or services which it is not possible to research and to buy online. HGV insurance is no exception and there are a number of ways you might use the internet in order to shop around, get a quote and make application for the cover you need.

Despite the apparent ease, however, it might be worthwhile reflecting on how you are conducting your research and the use you are making of whatever information is supplied online.


So popular has the internet become for customers looking for motor insurance in general that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) estimates that approximately a third of all policies written are sold through price comparison websites. It is not surprising, therefore, that similar websites also exist for the use of those shopping around for HGV insurance.

In a report published in July 2014, however, the FCA expressed its concern that highly popular websites such as this may be seriously flawed because:

  • they may not provide the information that is required for customers to be able to make an informed decision;
  • it may not always be clear what relationship exists between the website and particular insurers, thus clouding the nature of the online service provided; and
  • the apparent lack of fairness and transparency may place undue emphasis on particular brand names and headline prices, rather than the important features of the insurance offered – such as terms and conditions of particular policies.

The FCA has asked the owners and operators of such websites to address the concerns it has raised and improve the fairness and transparency of the way in which they work.

Online brokers

It remains to be seen, of course, what effect the FCA’s request may have on the comparison websites it has criticised.

Fortunately, an alternative source for an HGV insurance online quote already exists through the services of specialist online providers – like those of us at Isis Insurance.

Rather than leaving you entirely on your own to wade through a sea of competing insurance products, armed only with a rough notion of what insurance you actually need for your HGV, an online specialist broker is able to expend considerable effort in making sure that your particular needs and requirements are matched to the appropriate insurance policy.

Indeed, before proceeding with a quote, we gather a few details to ensure that we know enough about your precise requirements. Whilst this may be done online, you are also able to call a dedicated helpline where experienced insurance advisors are ready to discuss exactly what it is you may need. This is an entirely one to one, personal call and not the first step in what is frequently an interminable wait in a call centre queue.

If you are worried about some of the issues recently raised in the FCA’s critical report on online comparison websites, therefore, you may prefer to request your quote from a specialist broker – whose services come at no additional cost to you.