Why compare lorry insurance?

CN06 DXH 01 DAFWhy compare lorry insurance?

There are essentially two very good reasons why you might want to compare lorry insurance: getting the cover that is most suitable for your HGV operations, and buying it at a competitive price.

It might be worth looking at each of these reasons a little more closely:

Suitable cover …

  • according to the latest statistics published by the Department for Transport, there are nearly 5 million light and heavy goods vehicles licensed for use on Britain’s roads;
  • this number alone suggests the huge range of different trucks and lorries on our roads – all of which are likely to require insurance cover that suits their particular purposes;
  • getting the cover that is most suitable for your own haulage operation, therefore, may be require particular knowledge not only of what scope and level of protection you need, but also what types of insurance product there are on the market to meet these needs;
  • the suitability of cover for your own individual operation, in other words, may be somewhat less straight forward than you might first imagine;
  • of course, it is possible to shop around for the cover that seems to suit your needs, but you might risk overlooking some important elements of cover that might be important to your particular operations or simply fail to spot specific insurance products that are available;
  • by conducting these types of searches on your behalf – effectively by matching your precise insurance needs and requirements to the products available – you might appreciate the benefits of consulting a specialist HGV insurance provider;
  • at Isis Insurance, we provide just this type of service – and one that is backed up by a close understanding of our many different clients’ needs and an expert knowledge of this sector of the insurance market;

… at a competitive price

  • it is not only a question of matching your specific insurance needs to the precise cover that may be available for your lorry, but also making that match at a price that is competitive;
  • competitive pricing depends on your getting all of the cover you need, without paying for elements of insurance that might not apply or be necessary to your particular operations;
  • competitive pricing may also depend on a knowledge of any promotions, discounts or special offers currently being made by particular insurers;
  • these are aspects which may be taken into account by any specialist provider you ask to compare the insurance available for your particular operations;
  • by offering a competitively priced quotation for the insurance cover that may suit your needs, therefore, a specialist provider may help to ensure that you secure good value for money.

There are sound reasons for comparing lorry insurance – not least in order to make sure that you get the cover suitable for your own operations but also to secure god value for money. By letting an experienced, specialist provider make that comparison on your behalf, you may also enjoy valuable inside knowledge of this sector of the insurance market.