Coronavirus (COVID-19): MOT extensions for HGV’s

Coronavirus (COVID-19): MOT extensions for HGV’s

Isis Insurance have recently written about the temporary pausing of MOT’s during lockdown.

MOT’s are now back in place for HGV’s, buses and coaches but with changes to MOT tests because of coronavirus. How this affects you depends on when your MOT is due to expire.

HGVs and buses (including coaches) usually must be tested each year. The first test should be 12 months after the vehicle was first registered with the DVLA.

Trailers must usually be tested one year after they were first sold or supplied.

Because of coronavirus, the MOT for your HGV, bus or trailer will automatically get extended for 3 or 12 months. This wholly depends on the age of the vehicle.

If your vehicle or trailer is over 2 years old

Most vehicles will get a 3-month extension on the MOT expiry date. Any vehicle due for MOT from May 2020 -February 2021 will get a 3 month extension.

MOTs originally due to expire in March 2020 or April 2020 will get a 6-month extension.

There is a handy table on the Government’s website using the link below.

If your vehicle or trailer is between 1 and 2 years old

You’ll get a 12-month extension.

Again, please read the article and view the table on the link below.

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