Department for Transport (DfT) – results from consultation about proposed amends to Driver CPC Directive

Following on from Isis Insurance’s articles about relaxation of HGV driving hours during Covid-19 (relaxation of hours has now ended), we are now updating you on the results of a recent consultation from the DfT / DVSA about potential amends to the Driver CPC Directive as a result of a new EU Directive.

192 responses were received to the online consultation, including road haulage and public transport associations, road safety bodies, vocational driver training associations, vehicle manufacturers and other road transport professionals.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) were amongst those to contribute to the response and the general consensus was that responses were lower than usual due to contact rates during Covid-19.

The vote was 95 (72.5%) in favour of keeping the current UK Driver CPC rules and 36 (27.5%) in favour of changing the rules.

One official comment back was “the current arrangement works well and drivers understand their role” which is layman’s terms equates to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

There are however a few recommendations from the DVSA, which are outlined below:

· allowing 12 out of the 35 hours to be e-learning

· allowing training programmes that match with specific aspects of drivers’ work such as dangerous goods and transport of passengers.

· allowing an exemption for drivers in some industries including agriculture, horticulture, forestry and farming.

In summary, the current Driver CPC Directive remains largely as is and the full Government article can be viewed below: