Don’t leave anything to chance when arranging your commercial vehicle insurance!

With certain online commercial vehicle insurance services, it’s common for them to offer an instant quote when you input your vehicle registration number. However, this is an extremely risky approach to take, as you have no guarantee that the DVLA database has all the necessary details available. For example, you might want to arrange insurance for a tipper, unaware that the DVLA database has it registered as a generic heavy goods vehicle. As a result, you’d be putting a tipper on the road without the appropriate insurance, yet be completely unaware of it until an accident occurs and your insurer informs you that you are not properly covered. Such systems are great if you just want a quote for your car, but when it comes to commercial vehicle insurance, it’s simply too easy for mistakes to be made.

As you will be well aware, heavy goods vehicles are incredibly diverse. For example, if seven new trucks were launched simultaneously in a showroom, there would almost certainly be differences between them – some of which may not be obvious to the untrained eye – that would affect the insurance they require. Furthermore, it’s likely that these vehicles will be modified further down the line by adding tippers, hooks, cranes and the like. Insurers need to be aware of this information upfront when arranging your commercial vehicle insurance, but the DVLA database won’t necessarily have it available.

If you do want to modify one of your heavy goods vehicles after your insurance policy has been put in place, you need to be sure to let your insurer know. Much of the time, this won’t even involve any money changing hands, but it’s important that they have all the specific details of your vehicles on their records.

A proper fact-finding system is the only way to ensure you have the right cover for the right vehicle. An unsuccessful claim, or one that requires a lengthy fight, can take a huge toll on your business, so don’t leave it to chance!

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