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As a specialist HGV insurance broker we speak to heavy goods vehicle owners like you every day and we have produced a video highlighting a number of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers.

In addition to that, below are the answers to some other common questions that our clients ask.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our broking team.

Each has a a great deal of insurance experience and can provide you with invaluable, impartial advice to help you make the right choices about arranging your insurance.

I’m starting a new haulage company – but I have experience in the industry is it possible to get my truck insurance to reflect this?2017-09-11T17:02:27+01:00

Yes, it is. At Isis, we understand that starting up any new business can be expensive and that insurance cover can be a big part of the set up costs, particularly for a new haulage company. That’s why we provide a number of discounts for new venture companies, including a discount available for companies using drivers with a history of claim-free driving. Even if this isn’t the case we can still sometimes offer up to two years’ introductory discount.

As you will probably gather these are just some of the questions we are frequently asked but hopefully it gives you some answers to the questions you may be thinking of asking yourself.

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Do I need to purchase employers liability insurance ?2017-09-11T17:01:02+01:00

Yes, you do. Employers liability cover was made mandatory in the UK by the Employer’s compulsory Insurance Act 1969 and this legislation requires all employers to purchase employers liability insurance – even if you only use an employee occasionally on a temporary basis. This is often an area of real confusion for customers who may only employ an occasional driver or they may believe that the driver is working for them on a self employed basis. No two cases are ever the same so it is vital that you speak to one of our specialists who can give you advice on an individual basis.

I am a new Haulier what other types of insurance could I need?2017-09-11T17:01:44+01:00

We can only really answer this once we have completed our fact finding process with you to establish just what insurance cover you will need, but in generic terms you would normally be looking at a range of covers including vehicle insurance, goods in transit insurance, employers and public liability insurance, and possibly legal expenses insurance.

What you purchase is up to you, but some classes of insurance are compulsory by law such as vehicle and employers liability insurance. We have a number of videos giving more details of these products, which you can access by visiting our YouTube Channel.

What exactly is a truck insurance policy?2017-09-11T16:59:05+01:00

A truck insurance policy can sometimes be called a HGV or haulage insurance policy and it is has been specifically designed for the needs of any business that uses trucks and other HGVs. It is often made up of various sections of cover and is usually categorised depending on the number of trucks or HGVs that need to be included. For example a truck policy can operate for companies or individuals running between one in five trucks of 7.5 tons gross vehicle weight or over.


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