How to find a haulage insurance broker

PJ63 JWL 01 VOLVOHow to find a haulage insurance broker

In the haulage business, insurance cover for your HGV or HGV fleet is likely to represent a significant operating cost. It is important, therefore, that you not only arrange the cover that most closely meets your particular needs and requirements but also saves you money where at all possible.

You may find that a broker is best placed to help you achieve both of these objectives – and that is certainly our principal aim here at Isis Insurance.

Before looking at ways of finding haulage insurance brokers to help you in this quest, however, it might be useful to consider just what services – and just what benefits – they may offer

The broker’s role

You know that you need at least the basic minimum of insurance cover – because the law demands it. You may also have a pretty good idea whether you want to stick with that third party cover only or increase it to third party, fire and theft or go one step further and arrange fully comprehensive cover.

Haulage insurance, though, is typically not quite so straight forward. Are you certain, for example, whether you need:

  • haulage insurance or carriage of own goods insurance? The use class is an important consideration;
  • breakdown cover for roadside assistance in an emergency;
  • European cover for haulage contracts that may take you across the Channel;
  • public liability cover or employers’ liability insurance.

A broker may be in a position to help you answer all of these – and many other – questions about the insurance you need and help you to make your choice of the cover appropriate to those needs with the relevant products available. In the process, the broker is able to explain to you precisely what is, and what is not, covered in any particular insurance policy.

Although many brokers maintain an online presence, they are also likely to offer personal contact by telephone, so that you may discuss your haulage insurance needs in greater detail.

If the worst comes to the worst and you subsequently need to make a claim on your policy, a broker may offer to help you negotiate the whole claims process.

Finding a haulage insurance broker

Fortunately, finding a reputable broker is simple and straight forward.

Membership of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), for example, may give you the confidence that the broker is recognised by the relevant professional body.

BIBA’s website also has a searchable database of members – including ourselves at Isis Insurance – by geographical location and by insurance type.

The Association also publishes a jargon buster to help you find your way around the sometimes confusing language used by insurers and a number of guides which may help you to understand some of the wider considerations on a range of insurance subjects.