How to get suitable HGV cover

CN06 DXH 01 DAFHow to get suitable HGV cover

Before looking at how to get, it might be helpful to ask just what is suitable HGV cover.

The deceptively simple and apparently straight forward answer is probably going to be that suitable insurance for your heavy goods vehicle is the cover that most appropriately meets the needs and requirements of that particular vehicle and your own use of it.

It may be a deceptively simple answer because of the huge range of different types, makes and models of HGV and an almost equally wide range of purposes for which those lorries are used. Add to that the bewildering array of insurance products available on the market and there is the potential for HGV operators to end up with insurance policies that are quite inappropriate for their vehicle or its use.

At Isis Insurance, however, we apply our experience and expertise to establishing just what kind and level of truck insurance is likely to meet your particular needs and circumstances and only then seek to match these to the policies most likely to be suitable to meeting those needs.

In order to make sure that you have every chance to let us know about your needs and to discuss them with us, we have not only our website but also a dedicated telephone helpline that you may find stands in marked contrast to the call centre service you may receive directly from individual insurers.

Why use a broker?

As the government backed Money Advice Service suggests, insurance brokers such as ourselves apply their expertise to the market and – even when the customer’s needs appear almost commonplace – may be able to arrange better cover for you at a more competitive price.

Brokers also tend to combine the best of the old ways of doing business – by offering you a personalised level of service – with the convenience of modern technology capable of delivering a detailed online description of a range of suitable insurance products, the ability to type in your request for a quote directly into your computer, tablet or smartphone, and the reassurance that an experienced and qualified agent is going to call you back to discuss your precise needs and prepare a quote for you.

Getting your HGV cover in this way has a further advantage if you subsequently need to make a claim on the insurance. The experience and expertise of your broker may once again be brought to bear in helping you prepare the sometimes complicated submission of a claim – in a way designed to ensure that you receive the most favourable settlement from your insurer.

Getting the insurance for your lorry or lorries in this way, therefore, may prove the most effective solution to finding HGV insurance that is suitable for your own particular needs and requirements.