Hauliers find driving in London more stressful

New research has now come out showing that the UK’s hauliers find driving in the capital more stressful than ever.

The research, carried out by PIE Mapping and reported by UK Haulier, found that 71 percent of hauliers claimed that driving in the capital is more stressful compared to two years ago. It also found that 46 percent of hauliers said they drove more often in the city compared to two years ago.

Even with the greater stress levels, the research also found that 70 percent of hauliers avoid driving in London at the weekend and at night, which are typically less congested. This is because they need to get their routes approved by the various London Councils before they can make them. Indeed, 55 percent of drivers have paid fines for using the roads in the capital without first getting permission.

The CEO of PIE Mapping, Freddie Talberg, said he was not surprised by the results because drivers of HGVs are becoming more frustrated with congestion levels. He also highlighted the company’s own product, the London Lorry Route Approver, which can be used to get automatic approval of routes to avoid fines.

Reduce stress while on the road

Driving can be stressful sometimes, and if you drive for a living, the chances are that certain situations will cause more stress than others. So how can you beat stress? Some ideas include:

  • don’t drive when you are feeling tired. Tiredness can increase stress as well as the chance of crashing your vehicle. Not only will you have to claim on your commercial HGV insurance but it can be incredibly dangerous, so always take enough breaks to ensure you are fully rested;
  • careful planning can also help to avoid stress. By planning your route in advance, you can take account of any potential problems you may encounter and plan for them accordingly;
  • other road users can often be a source of pressure, so try not to let them get to you. People will always make mistakes on the road or become angry, so prepare yourself mentally for these situations.
  • try to recognise when you are feeling under pressure. By spotting the warning signs, you can take a break and relax before you become too stressed.

Keep calm when driving an HGV

Driving an HGV can be a very rewarding job that allows you to work on the open road rather than being stuck behind a desk, and it can be a great option for anyone who loves driving. However, as with any job that involves driving, certain situations can be stressful, so try to keep calm on the road, especially if you have to drive through London or any other large cities.