HGV Driving Rules Relaxation (due to Covid-19) has now ended

In March, Isis Insurance published an article outlining the following 2 important points for drivers and operators of HGV vehicles. These temporary measures came into place from the Government to help Haulage operators provide vital transportation during the lock-down period during COVID-19.

This covered:

1) Temporary relaxation of HGV driving rules

2) All lorry, bus or trailer annual tests (MOT) have been suspended from 21 March 2020 for 3 months because of the outbreak. We’d now like to update you that the temporary relaxation of HGV driving rules has ended and the HGV driving rules have returned to normal.

A reminder of the rules as a top-level summary, it is a 9 hour’s daily driving limit (increased to 10 hours twice a week), with a maximum of 56 hours weekly or 90 hours fortnightly. Every 4.5 hours maximum driving must be followed by a rest period and/or break.

We are currently seeking clarity on the MOT suspension and whether this ends next week or will be extended and will advise in due course.