HGV insurance specialist publishes new guide to insuring heavy vehicles and makes it available for free.

Eddie Johnson of Isis Insurance, a renowned expert in HGV insurance, has recently published a new guide for business owners who employ heavy vehicles, covering everything they need to know about getting the right insurance policy in place. In order to help as many businesses as possible benefit from it, he has decided to make it available online for free.

As Eddie explains…

“Businesses who run heavy vehicles of any sort will always have quite specific requirements when it comes to their insurance, which conventional high street insurers are often unable to meet. As a result of this, far too many of these businesses are operating under the assumption that they are properly insured, only to get a nasty surprise when they need to make a claim.

“That’s why I decided to write my new guide, “An introduction to HGV insurance for business owners”, and have made it available online for free. This guide contains practical advice on everything from selecting a broker to arranging checks and training for drivers and what to expect when making a claim.

“Anyone who’d like a copy just has to visit www.isisinsurance.co.uk and spend a few seconds filling in their details.”

For more information and to arrange interviews, contact [email protected].