How Isis will offer the right heavy goods vehicle insurance quote for your business

The HGV insurance that will be right for your business will depend upon a variety of factors – some obvious, some less so. That’s why our first contact meeting with you will involve a thorough fact-finding process that will help us build up a detailed picture of your business and how we can best help you. Based on this, we will be able to give you a heavy goods vehicle insurance quote for a policy that will allow you to trade. This always begins with motor insurance, to allow you to get your vehicles on the road, but may also involve more specific insurance to protect you in the event of the unexpected (including cover for damage to your own vehicle as well as others, for example), depending on how comprehensive you want you insurance to be.

Certain elements of your insurance will be compulsory, but if your vehicles regularly transport hazardous goods, then your insurance will need to take this into account. However, we will be able to advise you on ways you can mitigate the cost of your insurance, so it doesn’t necessarily have to become a serious on-going expense. This can often be accomplished through simple measures like providing extra training for your drivers or installing cameras in your vehicles (which can often prove invaluable in the event of a claim).

One of the most misunderstood parts of offering a commercial vehicle insurance quote is goods in transit insurance. If you are transporting goods on behalf of another company, then you will need a thorough understanding of their requirements and to be willing to take responsibility for providing the appropriate insurance. Fortunately, as specialist, experienced brokers, the team at Isis will already be familiar with most companies’ specific requirements and will be able to advise you in this regard.

One of the most important elements of your HGV insurance quote will be ensuring your drivers are properly covered. The nature of the insurance involved will depend on whether your drivers are actually full-time employees, but should it prove necessary, we will arrange employers’ liability insurance and make sure you are completely fully compliant with the Employers’ Liability Act. We’ll also find out whether you’ll require public liability insurance for when you interact with the general public.

Based on these three main elements – your vehicles, your goods in transit and your drivers – we will be able to design a heavy goods vehicle insurance quote that suits you. Although there are other requirements that will need attention, these will be our primary area of focus.

To find out more about getting the right HGV insurance quote, just visit, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “An introduction to HGV insurance for business owners”, packed with the kind of advice I usually reserve for paying clients.