What Information Do You Need To Know Before Requesting A Truck Or HGV Insurance Quote?

If you need to insure a truck, heavy goods vehicle, bus or lorry, then there is certain specific information you will need in order to make sure that the policy you have meets all your needs.

It is illegal to drive your truck or HGV without the appropriate insurance.  Heavy Goods Vehicles are common types of vehicles on the UK’s roads. Having the right HGV insurance in place means that you have the right financial protection if there is an accident, and it can also provide protection to passengers, other road users, and pedestrians.For trucks and HGV’s, insurance can also cover damage to the goods that are being carried from one place to the next. This is referred to as Goods in Transit insurance. Truck and HGV insurance is available for those vehicles that weigh over 3.5kg.  The type of insurance cover can include the following:
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third party cover
  • Fire and theft cover
  • Goods in Transit cover
  • Legal fees
  • Public liability cover

Anyone who is driving an HGV will need to ensure the vehicle has adequate insurance cover in place before they hit the road. This is a legal requirement.

What Is HGV and Truck Insurance

Truck insurance is the insurance policy you will need to take the vehicle on the road.  Truck insurance is not aimed at cars and standard vehicles, instead it is mainly for vehicles within the commercial sector and haulage industry and usually heavier vehicles.Many haulage companies insure a full fleet of HGV vehicles, and this not only leads to cost savings but also means that the cover deals with all the vehicles on one policy, without having to obtain or renew individual truck insurance policies at different times of the year. This saves a lot of admin time.

Truck Insurance – What Cover Is Available?

The three main types of insurance are fully comprehensive cover, third party cover, and third party, fire and theft cover. Third-party cover is basically the bare minimum legal insurance requirement and comprehensive cover is much more common for lorries.Third party, fire and theft insurance will cover you in the following circumstances:

  • If the HGV is destroyed or damaged by fire
  • If the vehicle is stolen or damaged due to theft
  • If another vehicle is damaged in an accident you are involved in, and you are partly or fully to blame for
  • If you injure another person

A comprehensive policy is far better if your vehicle is valuable and essential to your business, as it covers any damage to your truck (even if the damage is the fault of the driver). What Information You Need

As HGVs are not like standard vehicles, they need their own bespoke insurance policy that provides the right level of cover that you need.  In order to find the right policy that meets your needs you need to know what factors you need to consider before obtaining the policy.Important information that you will need to consider before obtaining a policy:

  • The size of your business
  • The number of vehicles
  • How many drivers you need to cover – named drivers or any driver policy?
  • Where the HGVs will be driven (UK, Europe, or both?)
  • Whether you will be transporting hazardous goods
  • The amount of contents cover you need
  • Whether you will need goods in transit insurance
  • What type of breakdown cover you will need

In addition to the above, there is certain specific information you will need to provide before obtaining your insurance policy:

  • Driver details including full names and ages
  • Details of the drivers driving licence(s)
  • Driver operator licence number(s)
  • Details of Driver CPC
  • Accident and conviction history of driver(s)

In terms of the actual vehicle, the following information will be needed:

  • The weight of the vehicle
  • The body type of the vehicle
  • The value of the vehicle
  • The use of the vehicle
  • Whether the vehicle will be driven overseas
  • Details of any no claims bonus
  • Vehicle age and history
  • Annual mileage
  • Location

Information That Must Be Declared

It is essential that you provide all the information requested as accurately as you can. This will ensure that you get the right policy that meets your specific needs, and it also means that there is less chance that a claim will be refused in the unfortunate event of an accident. The following information must be declared to ensure that the insurance is not invalidated:

  • Details of driver motoring convictions that have taken place in the last 5 years
  • Details of claims or incidents that have taken place in the last 5 years
  • Any unspent criminal convictions of your drivers

HGV Insurance

Heavy goods vehicles need comprehensive insurance to ensure the vehicle is protected alongside the driver.ISIS Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance options and quotes that cover everything a HGV might need when it comes to insurance, from skip lorries to refrigerated vehicles.