What insurance do I need as a new haulier?

Let’s be clear at the outset that this question cannot be answered in isolation – at least not satisfactorily.

There are simply too many variables that we at Isis Insurance would need to understand before it would be possible to provide you with an informed list of what types of cover you would be sensible to take out. Some forms of insurance protection might be highly advisable for you or even essential but others may not be required at all due to the very nature of your business.

However, the following list does give a few general points you may wish to take into consideration:

  • statutory third party liability cover on all of your vehicles. This is the minimum vehicle-related insurance you will need and a legal requirement. However, it might be highly unwise to avoid other forms of cover for your vehicles, given the risks of things such as theft, accident damage and so on;
  • goods in transit protection. If you are moving goods belonging to other people, they are going to expect you to make sure that those goods are covered by appropriate insurance should they be stolen or seriously damaged in an accident etc. This is not an area it might be wise to economise on;
  • employers’ liability insurance is also a legal requirement in situations where you have employees. You should be extremely cautious about assuming you will be able to bypass this by taking on self-employed drivers or using contract agency staff. You should keep in mind that in some circumstances, even members of your own family working for you on a voluntary basis could be considered under law to be employees and therefore requiring protection through this type of cover;
  • public liability insurance. This is potentially quite different to third party liability cover on your vehicles. For example, if one of your drivers was to accidentally drop a box onto the foot of an employee at the company he or she was delivering to or collecting from, you may find yourself being sued for damages;
  • legal expenses cover. Much as we may all like to think we will be able to avoid becoming embroiled in legal disputes, we might not always be so fortunate. Little is likely to be more expensive than needing to pay for legal services to either defend yourself or to chase another party for damages in situations where you are the plaintiff. Don’t assume that if you win you will always necessarily find costs awarded against the other party – win or lose, you may find yourself needing to dig deep into your pockets for legal fees unless you have this type of cover.

This is really just a brief sample of some of the larger elements of cover that you may be advised to think about. In reality, there may be several other areas including things such as sickness insurance and emergency contract vehicle provision etc.

We believe in providing a service and not simply a haulage insurance policy-shifting operation. We will never try to sell you insurance you don’t need and we want to work in partnership with you to make sure that you understand your risks and have appropriate protection against those you consider to be a particular concern.

So, why not contact us for an initial assessment of your business and the types of cover you may require?