ISIS take a straightforward approach to commercial vehicle breakdown

ISIS take a straightforward approach to commercial vehicle breakdown

As a specialist provider of HGV insurance for the commercial vehicle sector, we are constantly looking for good quality insurance products that provide cover that reflects our customers needs. Working with one of the UK’s leading breakdown recovery networks (who provide cover to Eddie Stobart and Tesco fleet), we can now provide wide ranging, flexible cover with some excellent features you might struggle to find elsewhere. Key features can include:

  • Roadside assistance following breakdown – 3 hours cover at the side of the road
  • If vehicle cannot be repaired then vehicle will be recovered to nearest suitable repairer within 50 miles radius
  • If the vehicle cannot be repaired the same day as the breakdown then the policyholder has the option to either leave it at the repairer or have the vehicle towed to its initial destination or back to home base (if the policyholder has a favoured repairer near their homebase then the vehicle can be taken there rather then homebase).
  • The policy provides homestart cover BUT the homestart is determined as where the vehicle is parked overnight .
  • The product covers tyre failures too

Key features of commercial breakdown policy offered through ISIS Insurance

As is often the way with insurance, the devil is in the detail when it comes to the cover on offer. The policy is offered on a very straightforward basis, so while there is slight variations in cover offered to vehicles below 7.5t vs larger vehicles, cover is otherwise offered only on weight and age of vehicle information – as an example, there are no exclusions to cover for hire and reward vehicles, which is commonly the situation with policies on the market.

Flexible ‘home start’ insurance feature

As with many commercial vehicle breakdown policies, there is a home start feature – covering you in a case where your vehicle won’t start on your own drive or when at home. However, unlike other insurance policies, this one takes a flexible approach to defining where ‘home’ is – it is simply defined as wherever the vehicle has been parked overnight. This flexible approach means that the policy holder can take advantage of the home start feature no matter where they are.

Tow home or preferred repairer option

Should your vehicle breakdown and cannot be repaired at the roadside, the policy offers cover to tow you to your nearest preferred repair shop within a 50 mile radius of the breakdown site. Unlike many competing policies, this one has a further enhancement. If your vehicle cannot be repaired same day, you have an option of being towed back to home or to your preferred repairer near home – whichever your preference. This is a really important feature that removes one of the most common headaches when it comes to a stranded vehicle being stuck miles from home.

Who is commercial breakdown cover available to?

Cover can be arranged for owners and operators of any commercial vehicle – from a single lorry through to large HGV operators. It’s well worth considering, too, where your business is reliant on the vehicle to be able to operate. To find out more, visit either our HGV Breakdown Insurance or our Van Breakdown Cover page. Alternatively, pick up the phone and give one of our experienced team a call on 0161 641 4909.