Latest Government Covid-19 stats show HGV road usage on the increase

Latest Government Covid-19 stats show HGV road usage on the increase

Isis Insurance team members were watching the recent Covid-19 Government briefing on Sunday 31st May, with particular interest in our specialist sector the Haulage industry and what the easing of lock-down measures may bring in “getting back to normal”.

It was interesting to see the stats presented by Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, Dr Jenny Harries, in relation to HGV use versus other modes of transport.

Source: Government Covid-19 Briefing, Sunday 31st May

You can see that HGV use on UK roads since lock-down has been significantly higher than other modes of transport and in the words of Dr Jenny Harries herself “The HGV vehicle use has been much higher through Covid-19 as all those key workers continued to help us manage through the pandemic delivering essential goods.”

The continued upward trend in HGV usage shown in the top right chart is promising news for the Haulage industry – which has been negatively affected by Covid-19, especially haulage for the entertainment industry – and it is good to see HGV transportation increasing closer to previous levels.

We’d like to endorse the Government’s comments that the Haulage industry has been vital in transporting vital goods and extend our thanks. We have spoken to many owners and operators when arranging their HGV insurance and they have told us it has been a challenging few months.

You can see the full bulletin here and the above stats appear on the 18:00 minute mark.