Looking for HGV Insurance

Looking for HGV Insurance

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) may be used for a whole variety of purposes which may be broadly categorised by the following use categories adopted by insurers:

  • haulage insurance – the insurance necessary for an HGV to be used for the carriage of goods for hire or reward or in other words the cover required if someone else is paying you to deliver their goods;
  • carriage of own goods insurance – just as the term suggests, this covers the carriage of your own business goods (you might be operating a scaffolding business, for example); or
  • social domestic and pleasure insurance – if the HGV is being used for your own personal or recreational use (if the vehicle is a horsebox, for example).

Type of vehicle

Even within these broad use classes there are still many different types – in terms of makes, models and age – of HGV.

There are also a whole host of both domestic and EU regulations with which such lorries must comply, according to the vehicle type, its construction and the countries in which it is going to be driven. An article on the HGV UK website, for example, reminds HGV owners of the introduction with effect from the end of October 2014 of various amendments to the rules for registration under the European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) certification.

Compliance with domestic and – if your vehicle is to be used abroad, European – regulations is an important condition of your remaining properly insured.

Specialist insurers

Indeed, the range of uses classes, different makes, models and ages, and the need for each HGV’s compliance with construction and safety requirements may all add up to make your search for the appropriate HGV insurance more complicated than you might imagine.

For that reason you might want to make use of the breadth of experience and knowledge of a specialist insurance provider such as ourselves here at Isis Insurance .

Cover to suit your needs

Finding the appropriate cover to suit the needs of your particular lorry or lorries is unlikely to be a straight forward case of deciding whether to arrange insurance on a third party only, or third party, fire and theft, or fully comprehensive basis

There are many other factors which you might want to take into consideration, not only to ensure that you have the closest match between your requirements and the insurance products available on the market, but also to arrange that cover at the most competitive price.

The expertise built up by a specialist provider of HGV insurance tends to be a two-way process leading to a knowledge of precisely the type and level of cover most commonly required but also a close working relationship with the insurance industry as a whole that enables the provider to identify the most relevant products the market has to offer.

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