Lorry driver shortage means bottleneck of ships at major UK ports

The current shortage of UK lorry drivers is resulting in cargo ships being rerouted from UK ports as they cannot be off-loaded quickly enough, sometimes meaning that that cargo ships are in UK ports such as Felixstowe for as long as seven days waiting to be offloaded.

Huge international shipping companies such as Maersk are rerouting some of their Cargo ships away from UK ports so not to incur additional costs – in both their Cargo ships waiting at ports longer than usual and also the costs of full shipping containers awaiting the lorries to unload and distribute the goods for up to seven days.

The shortage of HGV drivers – plus furloughed drivers due to the Covid-19 pandemic – has really hit the industry hard and the shortage of truck drivers shows no sign in easing anytime soon.

Ports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp have taken up some of the Cargo slack, and this is likely to remain the case whilst the UK HGV driver crisis is hopefully solved due to Government intervention and a recent sharp rise in HGV driver salaries to attract new blood into the industry.