Why you need the services of a specialist broker when arranging insurance for lorries

It’s important to get an experienced insurance broker’s input early on when arranging any form of insurance for lorries. Don’t assume you can handle it yourself and arrange your policy with a high street insurance broker. Not only is it far too easy to make mistakes, due to the number of areas that need consideration, conventional insurers won’t usually be willing to dig deep to uncover your specific requirements and make sure you are fully covered.

For example, a non specialist broker may ask “Do you employ anyone?” when they meet you. If you answered no, they’d take that as an indication that you don’t need employers’ liability insurance and think no more of it. However, if I was presented with the same answer, I’d immediately want to know who drives your vehicles! If it turned out that you were using self-employed drivers then you could still need employers’ liability insurance in place, otherwise you could be a) breaking the law and b) at risk of being sued should one of your drivers be injured on the job. It’s only years of experience working in this area of insurance that allows a broker to know when to ask questions like this, so it’s essential that you engage the services of an experienced specialist rather than a generalist. It’s not enough to know simply what questions to ask – it’s essential that your broker understands the context surrounding them in order to get all the facts.

When it comes to insurance for lorries or any other heavy vehicles, a bespoke approach isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity, as it is the only way you’ll be able to enjoy complete confidence that you will be covered no matter what. Although it may cost a little extra, an unsuccessful claim could easily prove to be far more costly and the resulting peace of mind will more than justify your initial investment.

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