New HGV rules now the Brexit transition period has ended

Now that the Brexit transition period has ended since the UK left the EU on January 31st 2021, some may call this the end of the honeymoon period, new rules are now in place for HGV drivers entering and leaving Europe.

Having the correct documentation in place, and producing a negative Covid test (if required), are both vital for speedy passage across borders with minimal delays and keeping vital goods flowing in and out of the UK from Europe.

By and large, feedback from HGV drivers about Government support at borders since leaving the EU has been excellent, with lots of help and guidance at main borders from UK Government officials. Up until now, documentation has been allowed to be emailed in the event of a driver either misplacing or being unaware of what is required, which has minimised delays and allowed for prompt entry and exit. In theory, a driver could be severely delayed and forced to the back of the queue in the event of missing documents but this hasn’t been the case up until now.

However, it cannot be guaranteed that this will remain in place.

Isis Insurance, a specialist Haulage insurance broker, highly recommends having all your HGV documentation in place long before arriving at the border. This allows time for any missing documents to be sent electronically to you before you arrive at the border control as of course it is possible someone is not available to send them promptly to you, or technology lets you down. 

The Government have created Haulage Advice Site Locations which are located at motorway service stations and truck stops, and here you can:

        1. take a COVID-19 test which needs to be negative to allow you to travel to some locations 
        2. find out about the rules and documents required to move goods between the UK and EU and complete a border readiness test

It is very important that HGV drivers are aware of the rules and have the correct documentation in place BEFORE arriving the border so please click on the link above to plan your journey and where to stop for documentation checking and potential Covid-19 tests.