Reform for the HGV road user levy just up the road?

Reform for the HGV road user levy just up the road?

In November last year the Government opened up consultation on reforming the HGV road user levy. The consultation closes on Friday (26th).

The HGV road user levy has been in effect since 2014 and requires that all vehicles of 12 tonnes and above pay an appropriate charge for their use of the UK road network. Based on weight and number of axles, many have suggested that the levy is flawed in that it doesn’t take into account impact on the road network, or even actual use.

A report published Wednesday by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering– “Funding Roads for the Future”, has made widespread recommendations that could have significant impact for haulier drivers and operators. The report suggests that the levy should vary in cost based on a range of factors:

• CO2 emissions of the vehicle itself
• Mileage driven annually, and how efficiently a haulier plans their route
• The size of the business operating the HGV(s). So an owner operator may pay less than an SME and an SME less than a large operator.
• Reduce the inherent advantages that foreign operators have (through lower fuel costs) by ensuring that they contribute in equal measure to the upkeep of the road network.

Were you aware of the consultation taking place? Have you considered how any changes might impact your business? What would you like to see in a revised levy scheme? You can keep up with the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #FundingRoads

With the deadline looming, you still have chance to have your say. Why not go over to the consultation page here?