Why use a broker for your HGV insurance?

DF12 TZU 01 MANWhy use a broker for your HGV insurance?

When you are looking to arrange your HGV insurance there are a number of ways you might go about it.

You might choose an insurer suggested or recommended by someone you know, you might shop around amongst those insurers whose names you know, you might run through the listings in Yellow Pages, or if you are renewing your insurance, you might simply go with the same insurer you used last year.

Rather than all of these, however, using a broker may give you more confidence in finding the most suitable cover at an affordable price. Why is that?

  • HGV insurance offers no run of the mill kind of cover – insurers are likely to regard it as something of a niche product;
  • when looking to insure something out of the ordinary, suggests the government backed Money Advice Service, you might want to use the expert services of an insurance broker;
  • a broker’s expertise is founded on an understanding of just what it is a customer needs;
  • you might have a pretty good idea about the kind of insurance you need for your lorry or heavy goods fleet, but a broker is likely to be in a position to guide you towards elements of cover you might otherwise have overlooked or suggest ways you might arrange cover differently;
  • on the basis of this understanding of your needs, the broker is then able to draw on his extensive and specialist knowledge of the whole of the insurance market, identifying those insurers with products tailored to meet your particular needs and requirements;
  • in doing so, the broker is likely to be aware of any special, promotional offers available from certain insurers and is in any event likely to be able to provide competitively priced quotations;
  • it is this ability to match your individual needs for HGV cover to the precise products available on the market that marks out the successful broker – and is the quality on which we pride ourselves here at Isis Insurance;
  • expressed in the most simple terms, when it comes to HGV insurance a broker knows what to look for and where to look for it – not only saving you time and effort from doing the shopping around off your own bat, but helping to make sure that you get the cover you need, at a reasonable price;
  • a broker is also in a position to field your particular enquiries, in offering the kind of personalised service you are unlikely to find when approaching an insurer directly;
  • when attempting the latter, you are likely to encounter the queues and waiting times of the dreaded call centre – when using a broker you are more likely to find a dedicated help line through which you may get straight through to a real and knowledgeable person;

There are a number of reasons, therefore, why you might choose the services of an insurance broker the next time you are arranging your HGV insurance.