Why use a broker for your HGV insurance?

When you choose a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) insurance policy, you have a number of different options available to you. There are several insurers offering this type of insurance, and you could go directly to a company to buy your policy. Alternatively, you could go to a broker, such as ourselves at Isis. We believe that using a broker to provide your lorry insurance may provide many cost and time saving benefits.

Greater choice of policies

With a broker, you will often be able to get access to a wider choice of policies, and choice is always a good thing. For example, you may be presented with two policies that are very similar but where one is just a bit more suitable for you. Or you may find that two similar policies differ in price, allowing you to make a saving.

Tailor-made solutions

You may also be able to get a tailor-made product when you use the services of a broker. We can take your exact needs into account and come up with a policy that includes the cover you need minus the cover you do not, so you avoid having to pay for something unnecessary.

Special deals and discounts

A broker may also be able to help you get access to deals to increase your savings when you purchase your insurance. Special deals may be available that you may otherwise not know about, and some policies may provide discounts in areas that you were unaware of, such as discounts for extra security measures, which could help you to make savings.

Specialist advice

Brokers are HGV insurance specialists, and their job is to understand your needs. For example, at Isis Insurance, we are not just trying to sell you a specific product, we want to find the most suitable product for you at a cost-effective price. With our many years’ experience in the industry, we can match your needs to the most suitable insurer.

Money saving tips

You may be tempted to choose a policy because it has a lower premium, but it could end up costing you more in other ways, perhaps because the cover is not as good as on a slightly more expensive policy. A broker could point this out to you and help you make the most appropriate decision.

Simpler process

Rather than going to many different insurers, with a broker you can go to just one place and have one point of contact, while still getting access to a wide range of policies.

Get the most suitable policy

With a broker, you can also relax because you know you have the most suitable policy for your needs. You will not have niggling doubts that you have chosen the wrong one, and instead you will have peace of mind that if you make a claim, you are covered.

Find the insurance that most fits your needs

Searching for insurance does not have to be difficult. If you choose to use the services of a broker, the process could be made easier still. So consider these benefits and start looking for a suitable policy for your requirements.