Employers Liability Insurance for HGV operators

Employers Liability Insurance for HGV Operators

Employers Liability insurance is compulsory for any business who have staff, and that includes HGV operators. It’s an area where common misconceptions about what it is to be an ‘employee’ can lead to businesses not having the cover in place, when they need to.

Do I need to buy HGV drivers Employers Liability insurance?

For the purposes of insurance, an employee is anyone who works for you, irrespective of whether they are on the full time payroll or not. It’s likely that, even where you hire self employed drivers to work for you, you will still need to have cover in place. This is a great example of where working with a specialist broker can pay dividends. Not having the cover in place could lead to either

  • You breaking the law and in receipt of a fine of upto £2500 for each day that you don’t have cover in place.
  • You being at risk of being sued by a driver who is injured while working for you. That would mean having to stump up legal costs for defending yourself, as well as any subsequent payment that is awarded.

How much HGV Operators Employers Liability insurance do I need?

Across all businesses that have employees, the minimum amount of cover that is required by law is a £5m indemnity. However, it’s again worth speaking with a specialist broker who will be able to advise you on the cover that might be most suitable.

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