Public Liability Insurance for HGV drivers and operators

Public Liability Insurance for HGV drivers

Public Liability insurance is often essential for HGV drivers. It’s highly likely that you come into contact with members of the public in the course of your work. Where a claim is made that someone suffers a loss or injury as a result of your business activity, or if you accidentally damage their property, you may face legal costs as well as having to make a payout in the event that the claim is proven.

Not only can claims prove costly at a financial level, but they will inevitably be a worry and distraction for you. Public Liability insurance may not be a legal requirement for HGV drivers, but it is quite likely that your customers will ask that you have some in place. That likelihood, combined with the risk you are taking in facing a claim without cover in place, can make it highly advisable.

How much public liability insurance cover does a HGV driver need?

Every situation is different, and it’s worth speaking to a specialist HGV insurance broker. That said, you should check any contracts that you have in place with customers and see whether it stipulates a requirement at all. Where it does, it’s likely that it will specify an indemnity limit (the maximum amount of cover that a policy will pay out against). Beyond that, and working with an advisor, you should think about the ‘worst case scenario’ in terms of what could foreseeably go wrong, and what that might cost.

Examples of Public liability claims made against HGV Drivers could include – delivering a load to a customer and whilst unloading your vehicle a passing member of the public or an employee of the customer you are delivering to is injured by the load falling.

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